Thoughts on life and a new posting schedule

Last Monday I had one of those big, in-your-face aha moments.
I've been struggling for about a month with how I schedule my time. Since I'm not traveling by train anymore I don't have that time to write or think about posts. My mornings and afternoons look a lot like the picture above: traffic jams. Life has been so busy that things I used to like doing, like crafting things, writing blog posts and documenting our lives with Project Life, were starting to feel like things I  needed to cross off my list before I could have fun.

No bueno.

So Monday evening, after reaching this conclusion, I started thinking: what are the things I like to do, what are the things I am currently doing, and how much time do I have to do these things? As it turns out, these lists don't really match up. I want and am doing more than is realistic, causing me to not have any fun doing it.

Since this year is all about identifying how I feel and acting accordingly, I decided that change was necessary. In order to free up a little bit of my time to work on something other than the blog, I'm going to be a bit more relaxed about my blogging schedule. So far I've had 3 posts per week, one every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm planning to scale this down a tad to two posts per week. I'm thinking Mondays and Thursdays, but we'll see how it works out best.

Important is that I'm most definitely not quitting this blog! I'm taking a step down to make sure I keep excited about this little online space of mine, and not have it feel like something I need to check off my list.
Since I made this decision I have come up with about ten new blog posts to write, so I'm definitely not out of ideas or excitement. There's just not enough time in my days to execute them in the way that I have these past few months.

Starting tomorrow I'll be rolling with my new posting schedule. First up is something I'm super excited about: my spring capsule wardrobe!

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  1. ha, I should have read your blog before asking what you new posting schedule would be :)
    It's important to find a schedule that works for you and only for you.


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