A Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

I've been thinking of starting a Capsule Wardrobe back when not everyone was doing one, but I wasn't sure it would be something for me. Turns out I couldn't not do it.
Somewhere mid-February I bought myself three big containers at IKEA, to hold all the clothes that didn't make the cut. They stood in a corner of our bedroom for about a month before I started filling them. I guess I just needed some time to mull things over..
When I started the Big Selection though, I was done in about an hour. Apparently I really love some of my clothes, and I'm really fed up with most of the rest! Since I'm on a bit of a spending freeze I decided to not shop for too much this time, but sort of use up the clothes I have first. I did shop for some items in this capsule, though.
I went on a shopping trip and did not stop until I had found everything on my list. It was amazing, something that I hadn't done since high school. And I really, really love what I ended up with.
A set of 40 items, consisting of shirts, bottoms, dresses, blazers, one cardigan, and shoes. See for yourself:

I'm excited to find out how I like using only 40 items of clothing. I'll let you know in about 3 months! ;)

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