March Favorites

March flew by, and brought a lot of fun and exciting happenings!

Favorite trip: Our "Let's drive somewhere new and have fun!" weekend in Dusseldorf was the best.

Favorite goal achieved: I finally passed my driving exam!

Favorite reward: My Polar m400 sportswatch, which was the reward I promised myself for passing my driving exam, is amazing.

Favorite crafty purchase: My first Studio Calico Project Life kits, for sure!

Favorite habit: I've been pretty consistent with making myself a healthy lunch, preferably in batches.

Favorite runs: Again, I have a hard time picking one favorite. So I'm going for my 9k run, which felt amazing, and my 4k first sun rise run of the year!

Favorite professional milestone: I got promoted at work!

Favorite evening out: Our birthday present for my mom: eating pancakes and tickets to see Brigitte Kaandorp, her (and my!) favorite commedian.

Favorite shopping spree buy: I finally treated myself to the dark red All Stars I've been wanting for years.

Favorite new project: My spring Capsule Wardrobe, that I'll be sharing all about soon!

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