Project Life - February

So... I'm a liiiiiittle late with sharing my February pages. But at least you don't have to wait too long for the next PL post! ;)

Week 6 : 2 - 8 February
Supplies used: Odyssey from Studio CalicoRoad Trip card set from Big City Quiet, Yes Please printable from Create.Share.Love
Notes: Extra this week are two inserts: one with pictures from my 2 days in Z├╝rich, part of which I spent with Andrea, and one with pictures from Imres trip to Turkey, together with his mom. 

Week 7: 9 - 15 February
Supplies used: This Magic Moment journaling cards from One Little BirdWalden from Studio Calico, Studio Calico add-ons.

Week 8: 16 - 22  February
Supplies used: Seafoam editionConversations No. 2 card set from Big City Quiet, Studio Calico add-ons
Notes: Annnnnd then I forgot to print a picture... Shit happens. I'll print it and add it with the next batch :)

Week 9 : 23 February - 1 March
Supplies used: Conversations No. 2 card set from Big City QuietLittle Talks journaling cards from One Little BirdSunshine editionRain edition. That "love" card is home made.
Notes: Another insert! I decided that for every weekend or few days away I'll add an insert. So far I'm loving them! And for this spread also, I forgot to print two pictures. Just imagine this one in the bottom left pocket, and this one in the middle right one ;)

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