List: It's the little things...

Running up the stairs to the attic as soon as I come home, to be just in time to take this photograph. 

A great run after a few days of feeling exhausted.

Finally getting the hang of our new car.

Fresh bedlinen, after a full day of open bedroom windows.

Sleep. Glorious sleep. Preferably in aforementioned freshly made bed.

Finding the exact shirt I had in mind - without knowing beforehand that it actually existed - and it being a perfect fit, too.

Feeling that my body is getting fitter.

Talking to a friend that understands.

Realising that one of my favorite songs in the whole world matches my One Little Word perfectly. 

Belting along to that song, alone in my car.

Treating myself to a beautiful artwork, one that I have been eyeing for a long time.

Happy mail exchanges with someone new.

Packing a bag of healthy food in the morning, knowing that it will be a good, crap free day (at least food wise). 

Early rays of sunlight breaking through the mist. 

My garden coming back to life.

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