Run baby, run: update

We're almost 3 months into 2015. Can you believe it?! Other than that life goes by way too fast, this means that I should be at around 150k - one fourth of my 600k for the year.
I'm proud to tell you that with 129k and counting, I'm getting close! I was aiming for a total of at least 50k in March, and that one is as good as in the pocket. Yay for reaching goals, and yay for hitting new records!

Since mid-January I've been slowly upping my long distance runs in preparation of my first running goal of the year: run 10k at the Nike We Run Amsterdam race on May 16. I started at a comfortable 5k and the plan was to add 0.5k each week, knowing that I had enough time to take it slower if needed.
So far I've pretty much stuck to the plan. I took a week off running the long distance run twice, but focused on a fast 5k during those weeks, and once I ran the same distance two weeks in a row, because I had the idea my muscles needed another week to adjust. I'm currently at 9k, So close!
Other good news is that I'm getting faster on the shorter/intermediate distances. My average pace during interval trainings is going down, and it's getting easier to run a 5k below 35 minutes. I used to be pooped after a sub-35 5k, but not anymore. Progress!

So far I've been training two times a week, on average. This is less that I would like, I'm always aiming for three times a week. My long commute to work and the short winter days made that I was not as motivated as I should have been this winter.
Thankfully my body is doing well on two runs per week, better than I would have expected. I'm planning to start running 3 times a week soon, though. I'd like to do some more interval trainings, and since these take less time that 'normal' runs, I'd be able to squeeze one in before work. As I mentioned in my last post on running, I love morning runs. I'm excited to fit more of them into my schedule!
I've also started upping my abs exercises. Well trained abs can really add to your running game, and now that I have a bit more time in the morning, I'm trying to add in some each day.

So basically, I'm on track! I'm excited to reach 10k soon, and I'm excited to keep adding miles to my total. In the mean time I'm sharing all of my runs over on Instagram with the hashtag #Ohjustrun600k, to keep myself accountable :)

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