Guess what I found

Spring has been showing off last week, and it was glorious. Trees are blooming everywhere, and I particularly like the magnolias this year :)

This morning I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled, and I gave myself the afternoon off to relax, watch some series on Netflix, catch up on Project Life and read blogs. Here are a few awesome things I stumbled upon:

What are you doing? Oh, just taking awesome shots of my LEGO figure.

I hope one day I'll have a bath. Rachel makes taking a bath sound divine.

This post about rejection resonated with me (it's in Dutch, though.)

list of 50 awesome chick flicks? Sure, bring it on :)

 Since I'm hoping to pay off quite a bit of my student loan soon, I loved this article on how to have a great life without spending.

Which nouns describe you best?

If you ready one article today, read this article on why we get hooked on super normal stimuli such as the Internet and fast food. This article feeds my inner nerd :)

Have you heard about Elise's newest project? It's a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty and it rocks.

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