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It's been awefully quiet around here these last few months. Due to a lack of inspiration, a lack of time I allowed myself to do something for me, and the emotional rollercoaster you get on when losing a family member. Oh, and I also got a full time job in the mean time, which hasn't been helping either.
Well, that last part isn't totally true. Since I started my new job at the 1st of July, the creative juices have started flowing again. Not only have I been working on my Project Life pages, and started a Radical Self Love Bible, I also have a lot of ideas for this little online space of mine.

But I'm giving myself some time to let the actual post ideas percolate for a bit, while I give this blog a whole new look. I've been going through the Blog (Design) Love course by Elsie and Elise, and I'm about to start on the 2.0 version by Promise and Elise. Inspiration galore, I tell you.
I'm excited to start tinkering, but I'm taking my time - in the mean time you can find me over at Instagram.

See you on the flip side of my little adventure in blog design!

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  1. yay! sounds like you are vamping for a full makeover and can't wait to see it. :)

    1. I totally am! I can't wait to find out what it'll be like, either ;) The blog will be down for a bit later on, to get everything right, but I'll be back!!


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