Around here...

 ... planning, planning. planning. The December month, our Christmas dinner, new blog posts, 2014.
... I'm working on a blog redesign. I'm taking my time to do it right so don't expect any changes too soon, but I have something in the works for you.
... it looks like we'll be moving soon! Last week we went to see a few houses, and it looks like one of them (the one we liked best!) will be 'ours' (we'll be renting again) soon!
... so now we're making floor plans, budgets and schedules like crazy.
... and I'm loving it!
... I'm joining Elise in running a mile a day from Thanksgiving through New Year's. I'm 8 days in, and even though I always have to push myself to go (it's so cold and windy at the moment...), I'm never sorry I went. Sharing a picture each day on Instagram using the hashtag #mileaday helps a lot in the motivation department! And so do my running shoes :)
... I got myself a new planner and it happened to be time for a new journal as well. I'm going with happy colours this year.
... Loving December Daily. I'm keeping it simple, just some journaling each day, and I'm taking a lot of pictures. At the end of the month I'll print a picture for each day. Those will go into my album back to back, alongside the journaling for that day.

Basically, I'm loving this time of year. And because I postponed my birthday party to after we moved (my birthday is next Monday, December 9), there's a lot less stress involved. Which is always a good thing.

What are your December plans?

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