Week in the life - Thursday

Thursday September 12




I knew I was going to regret that cocktail party... I wake up at around 9 (seems to be my bodies favourite time to wake up), feel kinda crappy but nowhere near the way I was feeling earlier this week. So that's still a win :)
Most of my morning I spend on the couch, watching Juno, writing blog posts, roaming the internet. at around 13.00 I decide it's time to actually do something with my day, and a shower is first on the list. ThenI put in a load of laundry, have lunch and take a quick trip to the supermarket. When I get back there's a package from IKEA in the mail, containing my contract. I hang the laundry, and jump on my bike to cycle the 10k to my tutoring student. We work hard and he's making a lot of progress. He tells me that our lessons together really help him out, and it's so awesome to hear that!
I let Imre know that I'm on my way back and plug in my earphones. I've been listening to the audio books of The Hunger Games while cycling, and I'm loving it. About 40 minutes later I'm home, and my man is already cooking dinner. I put on some heels (I've been practising lately..) and we have dinner while watching Hellboy 2. After dinner I work on the cross stitch project for my preggo best friend. It's really nice to have an evening in with just the two of us :)

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  1. I love the different angles that you take your photos. It really makes them interesting...

  2. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing your day.

  3. You have got some great perspectives on your shots.

    Thanks for sharing.


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