Week in the life - Friday

Friday September 13

Imre took the day off. This hardly ever happens, so it's a nice change of pace. Especially since the weekend will be packed with activities and games.
We get up relatively early (7.00), and have breakfast together. We decide to do some useful stuff in the morning, so we do fun things in the afternoon. First up: the dishes... goes a lot faster if you do it together! Afterwards I start on my blog post about Thursday and Imre cleans the kitchen and sorts some of the mail that's been coming in this week. I've bought figs yesterday because neither of us has ever tried them, and I really want to try them. We both like them, so check plus. Laundry time...
Imre has some leftover mushroom soup for lunch, and we both have an egg sandwich. I get to dealing with my IKEA contract and Imre does some more organizing. He is the best :) Some 30 days of lists after that, and a ton of writing (and some nacho cheese doritos with a sour cream-chili dip). I massage Imres back for a while, since he's been having some issues with his shoulders and back. I start prepping dinner and we both pack our bags for the upcoming weekend. I'm super exited. So that's it for this week, guys. The plan for later tonight is eat dinner, bring our bikes to and on the train and get to Amsterdam. Thanks for reading along with my week :)

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