Week in the life - Wednesday

Wednesday September 11

I made the executive decision to not set an alarm clock, and woke up at around 9. Pretty decent :) I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday, thank god. I get dressed (well... I put on clothes), make breakfast, an watch some tv. I grab my laptop and set up my 'office' in the living room. Today is a good day to prep my vacation pictures for printing. I want to print multiple pictures per 10x15cm print, so I'm making tons of collages. In the background I have Eat, Pray, Love playing. I like to watch movies I've seen before while doing something brainless like making these collages.
I see that Elise is selling her retiring workshops at a discounted rate. To celebrate my being hired yesterday I decide to treat myself to 2 workshops. for $14. Yes please :)
Next up is some 30 days of listing and a lunch of noodles. I write up yesterday's WITL blog post, and hang out on the internet for a bit.
Then I decide to finish those vacation pictures today. It's a very boring job, and I just want to get it over with. I start Harry Potter 2, and go for it. It takes me a few hours, but at around 16.30 I'm done. Hungry, tired eyes, but it's done :) I turn off the laptop, change clothes and start cooking. Pasta bolognese today, my favorite. I eat while watching some Cake Boss. Imre will be home late today and I'll be tutoring when he gets home, so we eat seperately.
At around 18.15 I put on my coat and hope that it's not going to rain. It's been raining on and off all day... But I'm lucky: the sun starts shining as soon as I leave the house. I catch a rainbow and some pretty skies on my way. My student turns out to be a bit under the weather as well, so we're mostly repeating stuff from last week, I don't think any new information will stick with him. An hour later I'm back on my way, calling my best friend on the way to catch up. Back home I give Imre a kiss, quickly change clothes again because I have a cocktail party to go to. I again failed to take evening pictures, but you can believe me: we had fun :)
I'm back home a bit later than planned, and go to sleep at around 0.30. I'll probably be regretting this evening tomorrow morning...

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  1. Hey wat leuk nog een Nederlandse die mee doet aan Week in the Life. Vandaag dag 6 voor mij en ik ben niet ontevreden:) Heb geen blog hoor en ga volgende week alles eens rustig bekijken hoe ik het ga bundelen. Succes!
    Groetjes Vera


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