Guess what I found?

You guys... it's officially autumn around here. The weather has cooled down, it's rainy, windy, but the sunsets are gorgeous. For the last week I've been home with the flu (that's why you haven't heard from me, I just don't have anything to tell...). So I just roamed the web and watched movies all day. Ever thought you could get tired of doing that? Well, you can.

The awesomeness I found around the web helped me get through those long, boring days.

These tips for autumn from Elsie & Emma make me actually look forward to the season.
Those who know me know I need this calender.
I'm working hard on a project for my best friends baby girl, but once that's done I want to learn to make these garlands.
I'd love to take Onward and Upward, a workshop by Amy from Lemon and Raspberry...
I recently discovered Kristin's blog My Life as a Teacup, and wish I had sooner.
I've been listening to Joshua Radin a lot this week, it's just perfect for the early autumn weather we're having.
I so want this mug. Unfortunately they only ship within the US... :(

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