Wandering around Utrecht

Last Thursday I got up super early (that's what I consider 5am...) to join Imre on his way to work. The original plan was to meet up with a good friend of mine, but original plans tend to change. So after meeting some of his coworkers I decided to take my camera and wander around Utrecht.

I treated myself to a croissant and a cup of tea and a visit to a museum. It was great to have all this time to myself, just me and my camera :) I came back really inspired, physically tired but mentally full of energy.

Usually I'm a pretty lazy person, so I tend to shoot in aperture priority mode. I know I shouldn't, but it was working, and, well, I was lazy. Today I decided to challenge myself, and shoot in manual mode. It was a good learning practice, and a lot of fun!

After my wanderings I walked back to the buildingsite where Imre works, and set up shop there. It's pretty funny to walk around there as a woman. You get double-takes and weird looks everywhere you go. Quite amusing, I can tell you.

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