Mile a day AND photo a day for March - I couldn't NOT do it ;-)

Woops... 3 days into March I realized I was still taking my 'picture of the day' even though my project for February was over. So why not continue for another month?
This means I have 3 daily projects running at the moment: 30 days of lists, Photo a day for March, and I recently started running a mile a day. I got inspired after reading a post by Elise. I have been thinking about running for a while now, but with the Dutch winter weather February was just not a good month to start running again. So when March started out with such awesome weather, I got inspired to start with just a mile a day. After this month I'll probably continue to get back into my old 5k routine, but for the next few weeks a mile a day it is!

March 1 -  Daily dose of poetry. This is a sticker that came with Flow magazine, my favorite magazine at the moment. It's a dutch poem, about the early morning. I put it on the window of our office, I love it!

March 2 - Fishy. We had mackerel for dinner, and this was its skin... Awesome and freaky at the same time 

March 3 - Pins! After two pillowcases and a little pouch it was time for my next sewing challenge: a pin cushion. As you may have seen on one of my lists, I'm learning to sew. Eventually I would like to be able to sew my own dresses and skirts, but for now it's baby steps :)

March 4 - Spring!!! Finally, FINALLY the sun came out today! I was seriously wondering whether we'd ever see it again (I'm even considering light therapy against the winter blues)... So obviously I spent most of my day outside. Cycling around town to run errands, and taking a photowalk :)

March 5 - The joy continues! Call me weird, but I just love being on my knees, camera in hand, shooting flowers. Especially when the weather is this nice ;-)

March 6 - Spring sunset. Boy have I missed taking pictures like this! (I took this with my phone, on my bike ride home from the sports centre)

March 7 - Waiting for their new homes. Imre and I have been working on planters for these boys. We designed and made them ourselves, and they are ALMOST done!!
The old lady in red you see on the balcony? She's our local detective, she's always on the lookout.

March 8 - Home made. Today I made peanut butter using this recipe from Emma from A Beautiful Mess, one of my favorite blogs. My machine had quite the workout, but we succeeded, and it tastes great!

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