30 days of lists

So far this year has been all about discovering who I am deep down, what I like and that I want to do with my life. Turns out, prompts to write or list about are pretty darn helpful with that! So I decided to join the gang over at 30 days of lists for the March edition.
The idea is this: every day for 30 days a list prompt is posted, and you can scrapbook, write or in any other way create your list. I use a small booklet that came with my Flow magazine to write my lists in (I posted a pic of it here). When I started writing my first list last Friday, I had no idea whatsoever how I was going to do it. Write, put washi tape all over it, draw, paint, all options were open. Turns out I like the combination of writing and drawing/coloring best. See for yourself!

1. I list because...
* It creates order in my chaos
* I love to check things off the list
* Otherwise I would forget about a LOT of things
* It creates so much space in my head (sometimes)
* It is fun! :)
* It makes me more productive

2. About me...
 ♥ I am me: girlfriend, daughter, friend, niece/cousin
 ♥ I love creative stuff: PHOTOGRAPHY, coloring, sewing, COOKING, writing. ♥ I think I am honest, crazy, complex, sweet (sometimes)
 ♥ I dream of photography, kids, deep conversations, love and family
 ♥ My favorite things are chocolat, team flowers, climbing, yoga, books, my oven, my boyfriend
 ♥ Although I'm not sure yet how, I'll be fine!

3. This   (year)   I will ____
# Get my life back on track
# Find out what my dreamjob is
# Do a real photoshoot
# Learn to sew
# Enjoy the sun
# Run a mile a day for a month
# Decorate our home
# Love myself again
# Go on vacation to Romania?
# Tell my father in law what he means to me
# Turn 2013 into my year!

4. On an average day, I..
* Can't get out of bed
* Take at least one picture
* Have salad for lunch
* Have my phone as my best friend
* Read before I go to sleep
* Cook for my boyfriend
* Clean something around the house

More to come, I'll keep you posted ;-)

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