Februari 23-28. At least I'm keeping busy!

Februari 23rd - Up high. I've been bouldering and climbing for almost a year now, and recently my best friend started to climb as well. Yay! Saturday we went top roping together, which was so much fun. I wanted to take a shot from above, and we were thinking about how to get my phone up there with me. Floor came up with the idea to wrap it in a sock, and put it in my chalk bag. It worked!

Februari 24th - Late night bokeh. 

Februari 25th - Masterpiece. For a while now I've wanted to create something involving a quote and paint to put up in our office, but I never knew exactly how, and which quote to use. Finally I had some inspiration, and I painted a quote from Jasmine Star: Get Uncomfortable. This is something I feel I need to do to find out what I want to do with my life, and I want to remind myself as often as I can. 

Februari 26th - Together. Imre and I went ice skating, and we had a LOT of fun! We really need to do fun things together more often, it felt really good. I did kinda like that I'm a bit better at it, because he is always better at everything... ;-)

Februari 27th - Bring it on! I'm participating in the March edition of 30 days of lists. To me it's a challenge to create something everyday, and to get to know myself a bit better. I just finished the booklet I will be listing in. I will probably be posting my lists here, but they will be in Dutch.

Februari 28th - Time for spring. I am SO ready for springtime. Every year at the end of Januari I'm really proud of myself for making it through the rough part of the winter without getting the winter blues. What I forget year after year, is that Februari has yet to come - the worst month of all... So yes, I'm ready for spring to arrive. I'm looking forward to blossom, the healing warmth of the sun, budding leafs, birds nesting in the trees around our house... Bring it on, I'm ready!

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