Februari 14-22. Of sunrise, baking and a job hunt.

Februari 14th - Valentine sunrise. The idea was to sleep in (got a bit late the evening before...), but for some reason I woke up early, to this beautiful sunrise. I grabbed my camera, took a few shots and went back to sleep. When I woke up an hour later, the sun was nowhere to be seen, and did not make a reappearance. Dunno why I woke up, but I'm glad I did!

Februari 15th - Needs cleaning. My laptop is SO dusty...

Februari 16th - Glorious life. 

Februari 17th - Poffertjes! This is a dutch thing, they are like sweet mini pancakes, they taste sooo good! We recently bought a poffertjes-pan, and since we're hosting a poffertjes-and-a-movie evening next week, the pan had to be tested ;-)

Remember that presentation I had last week, for a job application? Myeah, didn't get the job. So today I went on a job-that-pays-the-rent hunt... Not sure yet if the hunt was succesful, I'll hear back from a couple of stores somewhere next week.

 Februari 19th - Hi there! I figured it was time for a selfie again.

Februari 20th - Washi tape. I love this stuff, but it's kind of expensive... So I did a little happy dance (on the inside...) when I saw that Paperchase had a 50% discount on all Valentine's products :)

21st of Februari - Omnom. I'm on a no sugar, low carb diet, so I'm always on the hunt for recipes that fit the diet, but are still tasty. These are 2 ingredient cookies: only banana and oats :) The taste is not optimal just yet, but I have the feeling I'll figure that out just fine :)

Februari 22nd - Chaos. I've been preparing a meeting with out group from church tomorrow, and the research got a bit out of hand...

I can't believe my month of a photo each day has gone by so fast, only 6 more days! I'm not sure yet which project I'm going to do next, but I'll keep you posted...

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