Newsflash: I speak Dutch!

So. It's been more than two weeks. I realise that, and I think it sucks.

These weeks I took time to think about what I wanted to do with this little blog of mine. What I want to write about, what feels good, what doesn't. What I like and what I don't like. And basically: why I had trouble putting new posts online.

After all this thinking I have one bottom line: language.
I want to write more about what I feel and think. I want to write more off-the-cuff. I want to be able to write without having to google to find the perfect word for what I mean. This is impossible to do for me in English. Yes, my English is pretty ok. Pretty darn good, actually. But it just is not my first language.

So I'm going to do a bit of a test run. I'll be posting in Dutch for the next few weeks, and see how that works for me. I'm really sorry to my international readers. My Instagram will still be in English, so you can follow me there, and I hear Google translate does an ok job - I added a translate widget to the sidebar. And since I'm all about the pictures, you'll still be able to follow along :)

Dus vanaf nu... Oh Just Shoot in het Nederlands! (en ik vind het doodeng...)

3 opmerkingen :

  1. Lizeth Horstink8 mei 2015 om 14:47

    Volpunte vir jou. I completely understand where you are coming from, my first language is Afrikaans and sometimes I find it impossible to really say what I want to in English. For sure I'll keep on reading your blog, I do have the advantage of following Dutch AND having Dutch inlaws also helps a bit. Good luck!!

  2. Well, I don't speak and understand Dutch, but I'll definitely use the translation tool. It's so important to do what you like to do and not what everyone else expects you to do. Way to go!


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