Shoot it: weekend trip to Düsseldorf

Sometimes life gets so busy that all you seem to do is work, blog, sleep and eat. Quality time together was something that was competely missing these last few weeks, and so I texted Imre last Friday that since we had no set plans for the weekend, we could go away for a bit. Just us, no laptops. He was excited, we booked a hotel and the next morning we went on an impromptu weekendtrip to Dusseldorf. It was awesome.

We talked, we laughed, we had good food, we (I) took pictures, we walked, we watched, we slept in a great hotel, I went running (first ever 7.5k in the pocket!), Imre read, we had a brilliant breakfast, we walked into town again, we laughed some more, we talked some more, went to a strange museum, we had even better food, did some Big Decision Making, and then drove home. It was everything we needed!

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  1. Love that you just spontaneous decided to go on a weekend trip. This is really awesome.
    And you had Macarons :)


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