Hello March!

I'm excited for March. I am every year, because it's during this month that spring begins. But this year I have much to look forward to:

Later this week I have my driving exam again. Yes, again. It'll be my third time, and I'm determined to make the saying "third time's a charm" come true. I can't wait to drive to work, instead of the bike-train-bike game I play twice a day at the moment. Also: a Polar m400 sports watch is at stake. I bought it a few weeks ago, and it has a nice spot in our bookcase right now. I don't get to open it until I pass my driving exam... So I just really need to ace it! I have a good feeling about it though :)

I'm excited to start building my first Capsule Wardrobe. I had initially planned to try it out a bit before building my Spring one, but last month has been crazy, and so I decided to not add another "have to" in the mix. This is supposed to be something fun, and it wouldn't have been if I had cranked it into February. I'm excited to start building soon, though!

We have some exciting times coming up at work. There have been some reorganisations that have not affected me directly, but my workload has most definitely been affected. It's a great opportunity to learn and grow, though, so I'm excited about what this month will bring me :)

This month I hope to run 8k, and that feels like a mile stone to me. When I was in college I had a roommate that ran marathons. He always told me that 8k is a magic number, if you can run 8k your muscles are strong enough to also cope with a 10k. It made me feel like you're a "real runner" if you can run 8k. Which is bullshit of course. But I'm still exciting to be hitting that magic number this month.

What are you excited about this month?

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  1. wohoo, 8K, this is so amazing! all the best.


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