#ohjustcraft26projects: 3. String art for a good cause

A little over a week ago some friends and I helped make a refugee shelter in Amsterdam pretty. We painted, put up wall paper, DIY'ed a HUGE table, all to make sure that the usurped former office building became a bit more like a home.
After painting for a while me and 3 girlfriends decided to get crafty. We had found some round pieces of wood that were left over, and we had brought string and nails. 
Obviously, string art it was going to be!
I made two "artworks", a multi-colored abstract, and a heart. I especially love how the heart turned out, since I free-handed the whole thing and it still looks like a heart! (For more string art, check this post). 

I loved how this afternoon of doing good ended up being super creative. I was inspired, on a roll. I had an image in my mind and my hands just made it. No planning, no thinking. Perhaps it was because I wasn't making it for myself? I knew that the people I was making it for would not know if it turned out the way I had invisioned it: it just had to become pretty. That felt really freeing. I wish making felt like this more often :)

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