... reading the last part of the Maze Runner series. Or actually, the prequel. I'm curious to find out how it all started, but excited to start reading a non-series book soon!

... listening to the Raise Your Hand, Say Yes podcast by Tiffany Han. Turns out I love listening to podcasts in the car as much as I like to listen to them while cycling.

... feeling tired but excited. I seriously need to get better at going to bed earlier, because at the moment I really need the weekend to start so I can catch up on some sleep. I'm excited though, because there are a lot of cool things going on at work, that I get to be a part of. 

... watching season 7 of How I Met Your Mother. Seriously, Robin and Ted AGAIN?!?! I sighed when he told her he loved her for the millionth time, and she turned him down, again. I seriously need this shit to be over with, otherwise I don't think I can take 2 more seasons of it ;)

... loving that I picked some wild daffodils at the perfect time. They were about to burst open when I picked them, and during the next day I got to watch them open up all the way. Yay, spring!

... playing with my first ever Studio Calico kits. I treat myself to Walden and Odyssey, and I love them so, so much. They spark some long lost creativity, and I'm so glad about that.

... getting back into my Project Life groove. It took me a while to get started with my February spreads, but the arrival of my SC kits and scheduling a PL night ahead of time did the trick. I'll share my February pages soon.

... driving to work every day now. And I'm getting more comfortable in my car every day, too. I love that even when the drive feels long because of traffic jams, I still am faster than by train. 

... missing the hour I spent on my bike each day. It was an hour of exercise that sort of came for free, and I really have to think of other ways to move my body. I've started doing some exercises in the morning though, since I have time for that now.

... shopping to complete my first ever Capsule Wardrobe. I went through my closet last week and pared it down to a nice set of clothes. All that's left to do now is shop for the few items that I feel are missing. And for shoes, I need new shoes! (because the ones I have are getting old and worn down, not because I have a shoe addiction!)

... looking forward to a lot of getaways in April. One with a dear friend, one with the in-laws and one solo trip for work. And you better believe my running shoes are coming with me :)

... wishing you a very happy weekend! 

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