A jar full of wishes

Imre and I both have a running list of things that we don't necessarily need, but we feel would be a nice thing to have. Think certain lenses, DIY tools, fancy wardrobe items. Since we're both trying to keep from spending a lot of money and cluttering our house with stuff we don't need, Imre came up with a fun way of keeping ourselves from going on a spending spree: our wish jar.

How it works?
We both set aside a small amount of money each month, with which we pay for the items we draw.
We have two categories of wishes: individual wishes and house related ones. The jar contains cards in three different colors: blue ones that contain Imres wishes, green ones that contain my wishes and brown ones that contain "household" wishes.
Every now and then we draw a card from the jar. We alternate between picking individual cards and household cards. Depending on whether it is a cheap item on the card, or an expensive one, we can buy it right away, or we have to save up for it for a bit longer. Since our individual wishes vary in prize, it might mean that one of us gets to buy something immediately, and then has to wait until the other person has saved up enough money for their wish.

Earlier this month we installed a new clock. This was on our latest card together, so now we got to pick individual ones. I got lucky this month - I got to place an order at Studio Calico. The Odyssey ánd Walden kits are on their way here as we speak. Imre is now saving up for a macro lens. This will take a while... But I have pretty paper to play with in the mean time!

I totally recommend making a wishing jar. It's a fun way of savouring spending money on things you want to have. If I would have "just" gotten myself a Studio Calico kit, I would've enjoyed it, but I have no doubt I'd also felt a bit bad for spending money on something I didn't need. It feels totally different this way.

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  1. I love this idea! It would also work as a family wish jar, to teach kids about saving up.

    1. Thanks! It would totally work as a family wish jar. I'll keep that in mind for when the time comes ;)


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