One Little Word - January and February

I cannot tell you how much I love my One Little Word this year. It's hidden in everything I do, I run into it in every book or magazine I read. It's everywhere, and I love it.

For my title page this year I decided to go simple: just a picture with my word and the year. This picture is special to me: I took it last summer when we were in Cinque Terre, Italy. The feeling I had that day is a feeling I'd like to bring into my life more often. That's why I picked two pictures of that sea to accompany my word this year.

Now I hate to brag, and this feels like bragging, but I'm pretty happy with how my pages for the first two months came out. At first I just printed the January cards Ali provided in the classroom and wrote my thoughts on them. But since I'm not using pocket pages (I'm using a5 page protectors), I just couldn't make it work on a page. So after getting crafty for the February vision board, I decided to redo most of them. I'm super happy I did. See for yourself (and scroll down for those rotated pages):

In both my Project Life album and my One Little Word album I journal in Dutch. This is the language I think in, and it is the language in which I can express myself best. To read what my plans are with FEEL, please check out this post. It's a summary of all that I have written on these pages.

The magazines I used to make my vision board are Dutch as well. Some expressions on there are difficult to translate, but it more of less breaks down to this: the top cloud speaks of things I want to make time for this year (and whattayaknow, they match my goals for this year!). The middle, bigger words are "my life" "life is wonderful" and "strength". And the words below mention things I want to do this year, like being honest, making my own choices, looking within.
I'll be printing a picture of it to add to my OLW binder, since it's way too big to add. And since I really love how it turned out, I'll probably be hanging it somewhere in plain sight :)

*One Little Word® is a concept created by Ali Edwards. The idea is that you choose a word at the beginning of the year, a word that will be your guide that year. Each month Ali shares a prompt that you can use to think and craft about your word. You can find out more about it here and you can still sign up for the class here

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  1. I really love how you added your own personal touch to this project! Well done!


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