My favorite music mixes

When it comes to music I would say I'm pretty regular. I can't imagine my life without music, but I can't say I'm a musical know-it-all, either. It does make me more productive, it helps me focus, it soothes my bouts of anxiety,  it makes me feel all the feelings. I love music.

What works best for me is music mixes. I sometimes get sort of tired of a band or artist when I'm listening to their full album, and music mixes are a great way to fix that. Especially since I discovered 8tracks a while ago. I love to just pick a mix, and let it surprise me. Sometimes I decide it's not for me after a few numbers, sometimes it gets added to my list of favourites in no-time. I have collected quite some favourites over time, some that are great to get complete focus, some that are great to get the creative juices flowing, and some that are just great.

Some of my favorites to get into my focus zone:
The Hunger Games - Catching Fire soundtrack
Warm blankets
Songs to be alone to.
Cold cozy nights, warm blankets and good music

Some of my favorites for when lyrics are too much distraction:
Read more, write more
Into a world of fairytales and wonders vol. 2
Instrumental music to make your brain work
No seriously, I need to study

Some of my favorites to get crafty:
Sunday morning sunshine
Wake up, be awesome 2
The view must be good from up there
Begin Again soundtrack

Oh, and one of  my favorite bloggers, Annemerel, recently shared this mix on Spotify called No shame in my game. All of these songs came out when I was in my early teens, so I basically grew up with these songs. I have to admit... I have had many solo sing-along moments since finding this mix ;)

So tell me, what kind of music do you listen to?

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