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I've been blogging for a little over a month now, and I think I have found a system to keep track on my blog posts that works for me. So I thought I'd share it with you :)

My blog planner is an add-on to the Pretty Documented Planner I showed you earlier. Again, you get an insane amount of options to mix and match and create your own perfect little planner. I printed the pages I wanted, and adhered them to the pages of a notebook I had lying around. 

The insides of my planner are really, really simple. I start with my media kit page and a page on which I (still need to...) write all the details of my blog layout.

Up next are a few pages with yearly editorial calendar pages. I figured I might come up with some monthly feature that I would want to use these for.

And then we get to the main part of my blot planner: the editorial calendar. I have 2 pages per month, with on the left side a list of dates and on the right side the actual calendar. Below you see three months: January, which is finished, February, which is in progress, and March, which is still completely empty. I highlight in pink on both pages the days on which I want to publish a post: currently those days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then when I think of a topic, I write it down in pencil. I tend to switch things around a lot, so pencilling it in is quite helpful :)
When the post is written and published (/scheduled) I highlight it in blue. This gives me a nice overview of the current status of my posts.

Next up I have a couple of pages on which I can write the title of my blog post, followed by boxes that can be checked. The five boxes I want to check before I call the post "done" are: text, photo's taken/collected, photo's edited, links added, final check, published. Only after I have done all five, will I highlight the post in blue on my editorial calendar.

And then there are tons of nice, empty pages for me to draft blog posts on. I use these pages to write an outline of a blog I want to write, to keep track of my favorites throughout the month, and write a short summary of what I thought of the books I read. In the back I keep a running list of posts I might want to write. I add to that lists when inspiration strikes.

So there you have it! The planner that keeps me sane. This system currently works for me, but I'm curious to see if my system is still the same 6 months from now. I'll keep you posted ;)

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  1. Great set-up of your blog planner. I like seeing how other people use that blog planner!


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