#Ohjustcraft26projects: 1. Stamped journal

So, I have this thing.
Each year come January I get this crazy urge to get myself a new journal. And each year I promise to really fill it. Each year I fail. I write, sure. Just not as much as I would want to. Apparently (after a few years I have empirical evidence to back this) getting myself a bigger journal does not make me write more... So I'm taking a different approach this year: I got myself a smaller notebook.

Also, I have this other thing. I make little deals with myself. For instance, last week I promised myself that I could get myself a new journal if I managed to cross off all items on my to-do list. I couldn't pass up that deal, so I worked my ass off that day and got it all done. I ended up buying a set of three notebooks, the kind we Dutchies use in high school.

While finishing that to-do list I came up with an idea to turn the notebook into my first of 26 craft projects: a stamped journal. So without further ado: Craft project #1!

Stamps I used are from Ali Edwards' One Little Word kit, that Hello stamp is from Elise (the rubber version is discontinued, but you can still get the digital version here), and of course my trusty date stamp. The heart shaped stamp I used on the back cover I made myself.

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  1. Love the title page! Stamps are just so cool to work with.


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