Projec Life in 2015

 I've been recording our lives using Project Life since January 2014. That's a year's worth of big moments and small moments. Pretty pictures and ugly pictures. Friends and family. Awesome memories and sad ones. I love to have it all in one place, but more importantly: I love putting the spreads together, thinking about how I wanted to remember my year.

In 2014 I used only one page per week. I loved the challenge it gave me, because with only 8 pockets per week you have to really think about the memories you want to include. And I loved that I could test it out for a year without having to spend a ton of money (at the beginning of 2014 money was something I just didn't have). One thing I've noticed is that I fill the vast majority (as in, 90%) of my pockets with pictures. Which is awesome, because I love pictures. But I love to play with paper too...
So for 2015 I'll be making a full spread per week.

I'm aiming to print about the same number of pictures, which means that I'll be upping my playing-with-paper-game big time. Which sounds like a new challenge to me :)
When it comes to continuity, I have a few options swirling around in my head. Last year I had 2 items that came back each week: a plain white card with a summary of what happened that week, and a pretty picture with the week number and dates typed onto the picture. I might keep doing the latter this year, but I'm completely tired of the white "this happened" cards. I decided that with all the journaling space I'll be having this year, if it's important, I'll write it down.
Two things I'm thinking about for this year is a monthly journaling card with my plans for that month. I purchased this beautiful set of monthly cards from Rachel, and I'll be using them to include my goals and intentions for that month. I also plan to incorporate a quote each week. In some cases it'll be a quote by someone I actually know, other weeks it'll be an inspirational quote I heard or read online.

Other than that? No set plans. Just pictures, words, some embellishments and stamps, cards I plan to design and craft myself. But mostly pictures and words. The core kits I'll be using are the sets I have at the moment: Sunshine and Rain. I'm debating trying out a kit from Studio Calico or Ali Edwards, but for now I just can't justify the costs. Sometime this year (after I've paid off my student loan) I'll treat myself to a box of goodies!
For now I'll be printing my pictures through I'm really happy with their speed, quality and service. Their prices are really good, too! I would love to print at home though, just because it would be so easy. I would love to have my spreads finished every week, instead of working in batches like I do now. But again, at the moment I can't justify the costs. One day dreams, you guys :)

So that's the plan! I'll be sharing my pages here on a monthly basis. To give myself some time to get my spreads done, I'll be posting them here 2 weeks into the new month. So for example, look out for January's pages somewhere mid-February.

How are you documenting your year?

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  1. I love your spreads, so seeing bigger ones can only be a plus! Sunshine and Rain are two beautiful kits, too. I've played with both of them over 2013 and 2014, and they're very versatile in tone and mood. I look forward to seeing more of your pages, there's an honest to them that I really love!

  2. Thank you, that means a lot to me.
    Looking back at my first few spreads I feel like I've come a long way. I'm excited to see if and how my style will change in the next year!


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