Move - January and February

 It took me forever to get my photos for both my Project Life album and my One Little Word album, and then it took me forever to get pictures of the latter. But here we are. Tonight I'm sharing my progress on my MOVE album.

It took me until the end of January to really get thinking and writing about what I wanted from my word for 2014. How did I want to incorporate it into my life, what did I want to learn? I kept thinking and thinking, but all I really needed to do was sit down and write.

One of the assignments this month was to find one or more quotes that inspired you in relation to your word. I looked through my quotes board on pinterest, and wondered why these two didn't come to mind right away. I have loved both for a very long time, and they describe exactly what I want with the coming year.

So there you have it, my intentions for the upcoming year. O right... it's written in Dutch ;)
Basically I want to invest in my body - exercise, eat healthy; my blog - write original, fun content, design a site that I'm proud of; my job - find a job that I love; my relationships - invest more time in my friends and loved ones, really be there when I see them; my emotions - find more balance, listen to what my heart and my gut tell me. Overall I want to be more proactive, not just look at the lives of others and be jealous, but really focus on creating the life that I want to live.

On to February's assignment: write down some goals to work on my intentions.

So far I have 6:
1. Make my blog thrive
2. Meditate
3. Eat healthy
4. Run! a 5k race and a 10k one
5. Quality time with Imre
6. Spend time with friends

I will probably add more, but I'll see what the coming months have in store before I fill them in.

I'll (make and) share my March pages soon. I hear we're making a vision board. I love to play with glue and paper, so I'm excited!

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