Project Life - January

I had planned to share my first ever month of Project Life in the first week of February. Little did I know that it would take 2 weeks to get my pictures printed... I definitely won't be printing at Blokker again. But they're here now!

First up - my cover page:

That awesome 2014 card was designed by Caylee Grey, one of my favourite PL'ers. You can find it here.
I really wanted to record some facts of us right now (and got annoyed that I started with our working situation - WHY does that have to be the first item on the list?! But I adored the card and had only one of it, so I just went with it.), and probably will do it again for the last page of 2014. Imre doesn't like to share things about himself as much as I do, so I'm respecting his privacy here :)

I love how this picture worked out. It definitely is one of my intentions for this year :)

Week 1-5

Right now I have 2 recurring features:
* my week number is always on a photo taken this week, in the same fonts, using a colour from the picture.
* I have a blank piece of card stock on which I write out some things that happened this week.

A lesson learnt right away: don't add stickers to the outside of the pockets that you may want to replace later...

That smudged card has our address written on it.

I really want to add some handwritten journaling every week, and this week was perfect - I had a meeting with my therapist, and we came up with an action plan. 
That "THIS" stamp is from Elise, and I LOVE it.

Yay for having things to add to my PL - movie tickets!

Some thoughts on my process so far:
I love this project. It makes me evaluate everything I've done in a particular week, and that is a good thing.
I love to add pictures, but these last 5 weeks have been slightly too photo-heavy. I'm ok with some weeks being only photos and a 'This Week' card, but I'm trying to balance things out a bit.
The week-on-one-page approach is something I really like. The week-on-two-pages approach would help me out with the balance between photos and journaling/white space, but I like the challenge of working with a smaller space :)
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I'm looking for a new place to print my photos, so if you have any tips for a not too expensive company that's located in the Netherlands, PLEASE let me know :)

All journaling cards accept for the plain whites ones are from the Kraft Core Kit.

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