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It's a bit late to be writing a 'beginning of the year - let's go!' post, so I won't. I'll just stick to an Around Here, to catch up. I hope to be back to my (semi)regular blogging schedule soon!

I've been super busy making our new house into a home, and I'm proud to tell you that we're getting there. Obviously, there's still a lot to be done. There's art to be hung, curtains to be cut and hemmed, light fixtures to be hung, cabinets to be built, and there's always those last few boxes of stuff that need to be sorted through. But it feels like home, now :)

We have a new roof! For the last three weeks our house has been wrapped in scaffolding, and construction workers have been walking in and our of our house. Every possible way to add insulation has been done, so our energy bills should be quite low - yay to that! And we were actually quite lucky, since our house was quite the mess anyway. But I am very glad that we have normal daylight again, now that the scaffolding is gone.

I'm so excited about tonight - I'll be dancing my first ever dancing exam. It's a bit of a formality, but nevertheless a lot of fun. I love dancing occasions that I get to dress up for :)

Last week my bestie and her little one came to see the new house. It was so great to have the whole day to ourselves, and catch up. And stock up on baby cuddles :)

This morning I finally ordered my pictures for my December Daily album - another project that was put on the back burner while I fancied up this place. I also ordered the pictures for my first month of Project Life, and for my One Little Word album. I love working on all of them and I can't wait to put it all together!

I'm driving myself crazy with ideas for our office, but I'm trying to contain myself. The plan is to take Imre thrifting some time soon, and I hope I can find some of the things I'm looking for/thinking about for as little as possible (I put myself on a budget...).

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