25 at 25

New year, new goals. I've been going back and forth for days about what I wanted to put on my 25 at 25 list. In the end I decided to not just make it a random list of 25 things I want to do this year, but really get some focus. So I made 5 categories (home, fun, money/work/blog, body, personal development), and for each of them I thought about where I want to be at a year from now. Apparently this made a lot more sense, as I ended up writing all of my goals down during a single cup of tea.

So there you are! I'm excited to start crossing things off. I added a few goals that I'm sure will be crossed off, like the Christmas dinner and my birthday party. For other goals I will have to work hard, like running a 10k, or work mindfulness into my daily routine. And both are totally fine with me. It's the variety of goals that will (hopefully) keep me going. Of course I'll be posting my progress here. I'm thinking of making it into a monthly series, to keep myself on track. So stay tuned!

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  1. I absolutely love your categories. It's a great list, I'm going to have to steal a few for my 26 at 26 list. Number 10 is part of my ultimate focus for the year, to be more deliberate. I think we're quite similar :)

    1. Thanks :) Please, steal away. I believe some of mine were actually inspired by your list. When will your 25 at 25 list expire? ;)


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