Travel journal - it's finished!

It's already been 2.5 months since we got back from our summer vacation... Wow. Time flies.
In the mean time I've had the best time piecing together my travel journal. In the end it turned out as more of a mini book filled to the brim with photos and oh yeah, there's some journaling in there too. But since Imre and I both love to take photos, that kinda was to be expected. My book got super thick, and I love every single page.
Here are some of my favourites:

I tried to keep the book chronological, because all of my journaling is. It consists of three parts, and each part has its own colours: the week with Imres family (yellow/green), the week with just the two of us (red/pink) and the week in Taizé (light and dark blue). The different parts are divided by a smaller, square page that has a little washi tag, and says either "with all of us", "with the two of us" or "with a lot of people".
I took pictures each morning I went for a run. Afterwards I wrote a few words about each run, and later accompanied it by a pictured of my feet. So in total I have 6 pages dedicated to my runs.
I used a few designs that keep recurring throughout the book: two vertical 4x6 photos back to back, four horizontal 4x6 photos back to back, and of course I used a lot of stuff I collected on the trip. I used very little embellishments because the book is already so full, but I did fancy things up with some washi tape and a set of stamps. I decided not to stamp on top of the pictures because the cheap ink I have will take days (literally) to dry on pictures. Maybe it's time to invest in some StazOn ink...

I love how my travel journal turned out. It's so thick, full of awesome memories. I showed it to Imres family last week, and it was so much fun to see them flick through it and laugh together over the memories it contains.

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