Week in the life - Sunday

Another full day, but a lot less busy. Last night Sigrid and I decided to go for a hike this morning, to talk some more. So we did. I also had another birthday party, 3-in-1 actually: 2 of my cousins (twins) turned 11 and one turned 18. It was so nice to see my family again :)

Sunday September 8

Imre has planned to go and meet some friends, so he is up relatively early. I get to sleep in some more, and get up at around 8.30. I take a shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. Then I get to work at my day in the life blog post for Saturday, while listening to this cute and awesome mix of Disney songs. I've agreed to meet Sigrid later this morning, so I have to get shit done. It takes me a bit longer than I calculated (as usual... I need to get better at guessing how much time something will take me). At 10.20 I'm on my trusty bike, and on my way. After a cup of tea Sigrid and I decide to go for a 10k hike, and we're on our way. The weather is just perfect for hiking. We talk and talk and talk and both of us have some interesting insights. At around 13.45 we get back and have lunch. I cycle back home, wrap the presents for the birthday girls and race to the train station. my bag of presents and I are right on time, and I take a little nap in the first train. I run for my connection, make it and 20 minutes later I'm in my hometown. The nap didn't exactly help... So my bag of presents, my headache and I walk the last 15 minutes. After that it's all hugs and fun. It's great to see my nieces again, catch up with my extended family, decorate cupcakes, BBQ, sit by the fire and just be with all of them. Imre comes by at around 21.30 and together we travel back home. My head hits the pillow at 23.00 and I'm exhausted, yet very grateful for this fun weekend :)

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