Week in the Life - Saturday

Officially Week in the Life by Ali Edwards starts tomorrow, Monday 9 - Sunday 15. As I mentioned earlier I'm starting with the weekend in stead of ending with it, since my weekend next week will ben crazy fun but not one to document in this way.
So yesterday was day 1 for me! I'll try and post pics and a summary of my day the next morning, so expect quite some posts from me this week.

Saturday September 9


Busy day today, so we're up early. As Imre takes a shower I try and sort the mess that is my wardrobe, and succeed. I bought a new pair of jeans that I'm super excited to wear today. We have breakfast, play around with some new photo editing apps, I check instagram and twitter, and write a grocery list.
Then we're off to the market, my favorite part of grocery shopping. This time of year is my favorite, since everything I love is super cheap. Next stop is the supermarket, and we get some birthday presents for my cousins. Back home Imre starts preparing a pasta sauce with some left over veggies, and I set out to get one last birthday present. I feel like I'm more on my bike than off it today.
Lunch consists of a very uninspired yet very tasty garlic bread, and we're off to the train station for birthday party #1 this weekend. On the train I read and, put on some make-up (didn't have time for that earlier today).
We're picked up by Imres parents, and together we drive the last bit to the birthday girls, Imres aunt and cousin. Goot food, good drinks and good company!
Two hours later we head back to the station and back home. Shoe change as these are killing me, and somehow this is where I stopped taking pictures.. Back on our bikes again, next up is the birthday part of Imres colleague and friend, and his wife. By now it's already dinner time... Time flies by today. Again, good food, good drinks and great company. We stay a lot longer than planned, and head home at about 0.30. One last thing to be done: put the pasta sauce Imre made into the freezer. after that: finally time for bed. I'm super tired, and I fall asleep right away.

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