I'm back!

I'm still trying to convince myself that being back home is a good thing. I miss Taizé. The daily structure, the prayers and the friends I made there.

Sunrise during my run in Taizé

To help myself get used to life at home again, I made a list of good things about being back:

1. Sleeping in my own bed.
2. Seeing my friends again after 3+ weeks
3. Cooking on a proper stove.
4. Drop! (the dutch word for licorice)
5. Proper tea, in a proper mug.
6. Being able to google something you NEED to know, because you can't sleep until you know it.
7. Catching up with blogs and Instagram
8. Talking Dutch again (Although the first days I had a hard time thinking of certain words in dutch, though)
9. Sitting on cushioned furniture. Pure bliss for the butt!
10. Being creative again.
11. Seeing how much our cactuses have grown.
12. Yoga and climbing.
13. Fresh, clean clothes without wrinkles from my backpack.
14. Yoghurt with granola for breakfast.
15. Making my travel journal come to life :)

It feels good to be adapting to my usual rhythm again. I have a ton of pictures to show you and a lot of stories to tell :)

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