Around here

The cactuses are growing and multiplying like crazy.

We're dreaming up ideas for nightstands. I love when we're working on stuff together :)

I'm enjoying running again after a bit of a running rut. Last Tuesday I hit 5k for the first time. It felt so good! And I'm really enjoying the fact that I have to put on sunscreen and sunglasses for a 8am run. 

We're both breaking in new shoes. Mine are just a tad more... elegant than Imres. 

I've got a big pile of books and magazines waiting for me, and I have some things I want to journal about... for some reason I just can't get to it. 

We're finally making actual plans for our upcoming trip to Germany and France. We'll go to Germany with Imres family for a week, then we'll camp for a few day while traveling to Spa, Belgium. There we'll meet friends with whom we'll drive to TaizĂ©, France. I'm excited about the entire trip, but I'm really looking forward to that last week. We've been to TaizĂ© multiple times before, and I just love the peace and quiet I find there. 

This post by Amy made me want to prep a travel journal for the trip. Right now it's just a pile of cardstock, graph paper and ruled paper sandwiched by two pieces of painted cardboard. But if everything goes as planned it will be filled with a lot of stories, pictures, brochures and memories by the end of the trip. I'm so excited!

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