Check it out - Cactus planters

We used to have two windowsills full of cactuses. They had been kind of neglected for a decade, and most of them were just dry, ugly, on the verge of death. Imre really, really wanted to keep at least some of them, and so we came up with a plan to get them healthy and pretty again. And not have our windowsill look like a mess. We've searched the www for planters, we visited some garden centres to see what they had. We thought rectangular planters made of something other than plastic wouldn't be too hard to find, but boy, were we wrong. So we decided to just make them ourselves. Imre drew up a design, we got some wood, glue, plastic, aluminium strips and paint and... here they are! 

They're pretty cool, aren't they? And just look at the difference they make. 

I finally convinced Imre that those plastic stickers on the window had to go, too. Double yay!

We were kind of worried that the transfer would damage the cactuses, but they're thriving. I'm completely amazed. We only kept the ones that had some potential, and they're all doing really well. I'm amazed at how fast these dudes can grow!
I used to hate these cactuses, they were a mess. Now that they're pretty and growing again, I'm secretly in love with them. And the red woks out pretty well, too! I was a bit afraid it would be too much, but I'm glad we decided to add some more colour to our living room. 

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