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Whew, the last couple of days went by so fast. I spent them either playing housewife or making sure I didn't melt (it was pretty hot around here). And prepping Imres birthday, which is tomorrow! Woohoo!
 When I was a little (and later on not so little) girl I loved my own birthday, but couldn't care less about anyone elses. Yeah, I was a little self-centred brat at times. The last couple of years that's turned around, though. I kinda miss the excitement over my own birthday, but I'm super excited when Imres birthday is coming up.Well, at least I'm excited about a birthday.

Our weekend was awesome: a foam party, an amazing singer-songwriter festival (the tickets were a gift from Floor and Geert - thank you so much!!!) a road trip to Imres parents for Father's Day, and great weather.
We took a bike ride to IKEA, and got back with some pretty and some ugly (read: in need of a cover, but the right size) pillows and that checkered fabric that I'll turn into napkins soon.
I've almost achieved my main running goal for this month: one more start-to-run training to go, and then I made it! I've been wild picking flowers that along the way, they make me so happy :)
And check out those cactuses! They're growing like crazy, the difference between the top and bottom pictures is only 8 days. You can almost literally see them grow.

Tomorrow and this weekend we'll celebrate Imres 27th birthday. Our house is decorated, presents are made, bought and wrapped and friends are invited: bring it on!

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