Happy mother's day, mom!

Mom and me. It's always been just the two of us for as long as I can remember: my parents divorced when I was three years old, and I have no brothers or sisters. We've had our good times and bad (my puberty was a particularly rough time for my mom...), but overall we were quite the team.
Since then I moved out, lived on my own for 2.5 years, and moved in with Imre. The relationship with my mom has changed, but when we're together we still laugh untill we cry, need only two words to understand eachother and are just plain crazy. 

Mom, happy mother's day. I love you, you're the only mom I'd ever want :)

P.S. I had so much fun preparing this post, going through my old photobooks. Save to say you can expect some more pictures from the archives soon. 

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