What's on your...

Inspired by Amy and Ali.
Here's what's on my...

Vanity | Don't have one. Everything I need is either on my nightstand, or in a shallow drawer in our wardrobe.

Perennial to do list | To clean, to call my parents, to write blogposts, clear out my wardrobe. Read, read, read. 

Refrigerator shelves | Veggies to put in my lunchsalad, milk to go with Imres breakfast, quark for mine, leftover pesto.

Itinerary | Going to Hilversum tonight for Queensday, Hilversum again next weekend for the birthday of Imres sister, Amsterdam in 2 weeks to meet up with my crazy college friends... But we have no big plans set just yet! However, if things work out this summer we'll be going away for 10 days with my in-laws, I'll be traveling to Ireland for a weekend with those crazy college friends, and hopefully I'll be able to get to Taizé for a week too.

Fantasy itinerary | Boy, do I want to explore Africa. Since Imre and I spent a month in Kenya last September I've been longing to go back. And besides Africa, I dream of Rome, Paris, Canada, Brazil, Scandinavia...

Playlist | Mumford & Sons.  

Nightstand | The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, my new One Line a Day journal, tissues, Labello, elastic hair bands.

Workout plan | Run 3x/week, bouldering 1x/week, yoga 2x/week.

Iphone (Android...) | Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, Feedly, Photobooth, Nu.nl, IMDB.

Top 5 list | When I finally finish a boulder I've been working on for a long time, reading an awesome book (preferably with a cup of great tea on the side), spending quality time with Imre, running, learning new things

Bucket list | Finish my list of goals before I turn 25. We'll see after that ;)

Mind | My plans for the week, my new (small) job, the stuff I have to pack.

Blogroll | Enjoy it  by Elise, A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma, Jasmines wedding phtography, Lemon and Raspberry by Amy, Today is going to be awesome by Lisa, Snippets from Suburbia by Allison.

Walls of your favorite room in your house | Not so much just yet... In my office there's a pinboard containing a lot of papers, and there's a big 2013 calender with wildlife pictures, that Imre gave me for Sinterklaas. But I'm sure we'll hang more stuff in the following months.

Liquor shelf | Vodka, Sagatiba, wine. 

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