Bye April...

... you went by so fast! But you were good. 

Spring finally came around, which made me so, so happy. I've started running again, and I'm enjoying it more than ever. Oh, and since last week I have a small job which will help me pay the rent. Of course I'll continue to search and apply for jobs that I actually WANT to do, but this job definitely gives me some space to breathe.

April, you were fun. Boulders were climbed, friends were visited, birthdays were celebrated. Dances were learned and danced, jewellery was bought, photos were taken, games were played, dinner parties were prepared and enjoyed. Walks were walked, Eindhoven was explored, finally a full moon shot was taken.

I also made progress on some of my 25 goals:  DIY projects were planned, executed and finished (I'll share soon, I promise!). New recipes were tried and approved or rejected. I've been working on getting into a blogging routine, and I'm sticking to my running schedule of 3 runs/week. If all goes as planned, I'll be running 5k in about 6 weeks.

April was good. I wonder what May will bring...
I have quite some work days planned at my new job, and if I turn out to be good at it, I'll be able to get new running shoes by the end of the month. Yay!
I'm planning on getting my blogging schedule worked out in May.
I'll be travelling up north a lot, for the birthday party of Imres sister, to meet my crazy college friends and plan a vacation/long weekend to Ireland together.
I'll try and get some DIY projects in the mix.
And of course, the search for an awesome job continues...

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