Project Life - January

Last month when I talked about my Project Life plans for 2015, I mentioned that I plan to share my pages here on a monthly basis, about 2 weeks into the new month. I'm proud to tell you today that I made it! January is done, in the books, and I was done early enough to photograph them in bright daylight to share them here.

First up: my 2015 title page:

Supplies used: That top twenty fifteen card is from Nina's 2015 freebie set. The other cards I made myself, using Elise's digital stamp set

Week 1: 29 December - 4 January
Supplies used: Sunshine edition, Rain edition.
Notes: A 2 page spread requires a whole new workflow. I really love how this one turned out, though :)

Week 2: 5 - 11 January
Notes: I love that I can now use two different color schemes in one week - makes for much less busy layouts when I have non color-coordinated pictures.

Week 3: 12 - 18 January
Supplies used: Rain editionDay Dream card set from imapapernerdOh So Great card set from Big City Quiet.

Week 4: 19 - 25 January
Supplies used: Just pictures and cardstock.
Notes: I loved that right picture so much that I decided to make it a 12x12. Unfortunately the company where I have my pictures printed decided to all of a sudden do some pre-print editing... making all of the prints differ in tone. Meh. I'll probably redo this page at some point.

Week 5: 26 January - 1 February
Supplies used: Oh So Great card set from Big City Quiet and cardstock.
Notes: At the end of this week Imre and his mom left for a week-long trip to Turkey, so I added my first ever insert with some of the pictures Imre sent me via Whatsapp.

I'm slowly getting used to working with a 2 page spread. So far I love the creative challenge it brings me :)

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