January Favorites

Welcome to my first regular feature! In this monthly Favorites series I'll be sharing some of the favorite things I read/listened to/bought/experienced/whatevered that month.

Favorite run: The 3 km I ran through falling snow last Saturday. It was so much fun. And even though I had no intention of running fast, I did: a pace of 6.52 is pretty darn fast for me. I felt amazing.

Favorite purchase: Our first car. Even though I still cannot drive it myself (I failed my driving exam again last week... But hey, third time is a charm!), I love it. And even just the idea of having our own car is awesome.

Favorite news: The confirmation that I really get to travel to Z├╝rich for a meeting for work, and that I get to go a day early and hang out with the lovely Andrea!

Favorite birthday gift: My 50mm canon lens. This lens has been on my wish list for ages, and I never allowed myself to actually buy it. I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a lot of its magic the coming months.

Favorite crafty consolation buy: This digital stamp set. So. Many. Possibilities!
The deal I made with myself is that if I finally get my driver's licence I get to buy myself the sports watch I have been eyeing for months. I also promised myself that if I failed, I could get myself this set to play around with. I almost stopped feeling sorry for myself once I got the brushes working in PS :)

Favorite song: I seriously get goosebumps every time I listen to this version of A Sky Full Of Stars by Michael Schulte:

Favorite album: Songs of Innocence by U2. Currently on repeat while I read on the train.

Favorite app: Player FM. Elise brought this app to my attention, and I LOVE it. It's an Android app that allows you to follow podcast feeds, stream them, and the best thing: listen to them offline. I can just tell the app to download this, this and this episode while I'm connected to WiFi, and I can listen to them later (most likely: while on my bike). Until I found this app, this was just not possible, since most podcasts are only available for download via iTunes. Which does not work on Android... So finding this made me happy :)

Favorite read: This I Know: Notes On Unraveling The Heart by Susannah Conway. I'll tell you a bit more about it later on but man, did I need to read this book! Susannah's way with words is pure magic, and her photographs... Let's just say I'm a bit in love with them.

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