Goals, anyone?

For the last 2 years I did a birthday project: x number of things I wanted to do during the year I was x years old. My first ever official birthday list I made when I turned 24, the second was when I turned 25. I loved (and love) making these lists. I love thinking of things I want to do during the upcoming year. The only problem is that I never know what I will be interested in 2 months from now, let alone in 12 months. So many of the things on my list never get done (or at least, not during that year). 
When I turned 26 in December, I knew I wanted to do something different than the previous years. I just had to figure out what 'something different' meant...
I gave myself until New Year's to figure it out. And here's what I came up with.

In 2015 I will...
Goal #1: do 26 crafty projects.
Crafty projects are my fave. I loved Elise's year of 26 projects. Andrea is going strong on a similar project, and I have to mention Sabines #365craftingtime. All of these projects inspire me, motivate me, amaze me. So this year I'm doing a light version of my own.
I want to do 26 crafty projects. They can be big or small, elaborate or simple. A clutch sewn over the weekend? Counts. A Project Life card that I spent 10 minutes on? Counts. The only rule I set for this challenge is that I cannot do the same thing twice (no two mini books, sewn clutches, or paintings. A sewn shirt and a sewn clutch? I consider that different enough).
The main point is to challenge myself to be creative and try new things.

Goal #2: run 600 km.
So this is kind of the big one in this list.
Around mid-December I read a post written by Joƫlle, on the Dutch blog justkeeprunning.nl. Her goal was to run 1000 km in 2014, and she was well on her way to reach her goal.
It was tremendously inspiring to me. I started doing the math: how many km would be challenging for me? Would that number still be realistic? How many km would that be per week? What if I missed out a few weeks due to.. whatever?
In the end I came up with 600 km. That's not even 12 km per week. I know that's totally doable, I just need to do it. Get out there and go for it.
And you know what? I can't ease my way out of this one. For my other goals I can go with short books, or smaller projects... but I can't cheat on this one. 600 km is what I'll have to run. And I'll be so proud when I get to that number.  

Goal #3: read 26 books.
And then there's the books. I love books. I love how they smell, I love how they feel. Oh, and I love to read them, too :)
I just never take the time to sit down and actually read. It's apparently so much easier to grab my phone and scroll through my Instagram or Pinterest feeds, or turn on the tv to watch a movie.
In 2015 I want to rearrange those priorities. I want to read 26 books. Stories about worlds I don't know, about people I haven't met, about feelings I perhaps have never felt. I miss that.
And again, 26 is a totally doable number. I just need to make it a priority.

So that's it, that's The Plan. I recon it's enough to keep me busy for a year. And to keep me blogging for a year, too! Do you have goals or intentions for the new year?

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  1. Great goals! I'm so curious about all your crafty projects you are planning to do. It was one of my goals as well. Jay, i love the smell of books too but also never have time to read them. I wish you good luck!!

    1. Thank you! I'm curious too, I feel this will be the most difficult goal to actually complete. I like a good challenge, though :)

  2. I really really love those goals. I can't wait to see all your crafty projects but the best things is probably goal number two. Your running story is so so inspiring to me and I am always so proud of you, when you share a photo of a run on IG. You definitely need to talk more about your running on the blog. ;)

    1. You are the sweetest. I most definitely will be talking more about running. Look for a post soon! :)


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