Week in the life - Monday

Monday September 9

My alarm wakes me at 6.55, and I feel like a truck ran over me: a huge headache, sore throat, my ears hurt and every muscle in my body aching. Great. Just what I need with a job interview tomorrow... Guess I'm taking it easy today. Back to sleep for another 2 hours.
At 9 I officially wake up, decide what to wear, make myself some breakfast and watch an episode of Dr. Phil. Hilarious. Afterwards I look around the living room and realize it looks like a bomb went off. Time to do some cleaning. Usually it takes me about 30 minutes but I'm super slow today... I take a break to read some, drink tea and eat two slices of rye bread with cheese and apple spread (so good). After my break I turn on my laptop and get sucked in by facebook and e-mail... Some blogging after that, with some nice male voices in the background. 30 days of lists, blog reading, calling my mom and a salad for lunch are next.

The rest of the afternoon I spend washing the dishes, baking some nut 'granola' and cooking dinner (stuffed bell peppers), while listening to the audio book of The hunger games. Imre comes home from work, we have dinner while watching Auction Kings. We spend the night bouldering, which goes pretty crappy considering my physical state. I go home early, watch some tv and go to sleep, shivering and feeling like I have a fever... Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a bit better.

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  1. Enjoyed all the photos. I like the low angles of several. Need to experiment more with my timer angles. Hope you are feeling better & the interview goes well!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I got the job!
      Most of the low angles are just because the rest of the room is messy and I don't want ALL my pics to show that ;)


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