Find Your Voice - Week 3

I've reached week 3 of the Find Your Voice course by Kristin from Rukristin. One of the assignments this week is to make a mind map of your creative goals and your storytelling goals. I love me a mindmap, but this one? Nothing. Completely blank. So I've decided to just let that simmer a bit, I'm sure that somewhere on a mountain top in Germany the map will roll right out of my mind. Let's hope so ;)

Another assignment this week was to pull out one or a few of your favorite photographs, and define why that particular image makes you happy. So I've gone through my (ginormous) archives, and have come up with a few of my favorites.

It's not that big a surprise to me that both my 'photography' selections were made in Kenya.

The above picture was taken at Tiwi Beach. Imre and had been in Kenya for 3 weeks. We had seen so much, met so many people. My head and my heart were full. It was near the end of our trip, and we decided to head to the beach for a couple of days, to just relax, unwind, and just be together. It was the best decision we could have made: those three days were pure bliss. We had the beach completely to ourselves (due to low tourism we were the only guests in the lodge...), had three empty days just for us. We walked, talked, read, slept, went snorkling, Imre met a dolpin...
This is one of my favorites for two reasons. One: this picture reminds me of the freedom I felt there. It takes me right back to that moment. Two: I remember that this shot turned out exactly as I had imagined. That hadn't happened that often before, and it felt big.

The above picture was also taken in Kenya, in Masai Mara National Park to be precise. We went on safari there, and I consider that trip one of the best experiences I've had so far. Seeing all those animals the way they are supposed to live, no bars, no feeding hours, just pure nature. It was the first occasion in a very long time that I felt truly, completely happy. 
Other than the memory I picked this shot because I think it is so very sweet. Mom and daughter (at least, that's what they are in my head ;), aiming for the horizon. 


Of course I couldn't leave out some more personal pictures. 

The above picture was taken at my dad's wedding, 6 years ago: I was his 'best man'. There are only a few pictures of my dad and me in my teenage years, so this one is very precious to me. (and I love his face here)

And of course, there's Imre. This pic was taken in November 2005, we had been together for only 2 months at the time. I remember that this picture was taken after an enormous fight. Our first years together were tough. We were both trying to adjust to having another person in our life that had feelings and needs other than our own. I have a lot of respect for Imre for sticking with me. I was a terrible bitch sometimes.. 
This picture makes me happy because it reminds me that we've been through so much together. That we're blessed to have learned so much from eachother. That I love him so very much :)


And last but not least, some recent favorites. 

I love my instagram feed. I love how these capture things in-moment. I love how these capture the things I'm working on at a certain time. I love how they are such a great expression of who I am right now: what I like to do, who I like to hang out with, where I like to go. And that makes me so very very happy :)

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