20 secrets

I often watch movies (at least) twice. Preferably on the same day.

Perhaps not that much of a secret anymore, but I LOVE quotes. I have notebooks filled with ones I like.

I often feel like nothing I do is ever good enough, though I'm not per se a perfectionist. How weird is that.

I am in love with Pride and Prejudice. The story, but also very much the BBC series starring Colin Firth.

I have too much imagination, according to Imre. I make him sigh on a daily basis.

I'm starting to love the cactuses I once hated.

The office/craft room of my dreams contains Expedit bookcases and a desk pointing into the room (something like this or this).

I'm so excited to have children one day.

I find myself looking at wedding blogs more and more.

And no, you have not missed anything, no question has been asked, no answer has been given.

I hate the smell of warm milk.

One day our house will be clutter free.

I have yet to find out how to accomplish that though.

I had to look up how to write 'accomplish'

My first guess was correct, as it usually is when it comes to the spelling of English words.

Makes me question my decisions regarding my education.

Ah well, too late anyway.

'Let Go' by Avril Lavigne is one of my go-to albums if I want to head back to my teenage years.

I'd love to be a scrapbooker.

I just never know where to start...

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