May wrap-up

May went by fast. All in all it was a good month: it feels like my life has regained some momentum. Finally.

For four weeks I worked at a company that does door-to-door marketing for good causes. So basically I had to convince people to structurally donate money to a particular organization. Now I know I have a ready tongue, but this was a whole different story... According to Imre I am too empathetic to be good at this job, and I can't say that's a bad thing. It just felt wrong to try and convince someone that is already in dept (and has already told me all about it) to start donating money on a monthly basis. Or someone that has just lost his job. And if you want to be good at this job, you'll have to look beyond that and keep insisting. No thank you. Oh, and some of my colleagues were so freaking good at telling lies! At some point I didn't even know which of their stories to believe anymore. I can't say that telling lies is something I would like to be good at. Thank god.
So yesterday I decided to quit. I want to focus on getting a PhD position, and since this job was not paying very well either, it was just not worth it for me anymore.

Besides work, may was quite good:
I had an epiphany regarding what I want with my life: it's ok to not know where I want to end up years from now, as long as I know what I want to do right now. And that is do a PhD. So that's the plan, and the plan feels scary but good :)
It's been great spending time with family and friends this month. Everytime I spend quality time with one of my close friends, I wonder why this doesn't happen more often. You'd expect that at some point the idea should stick, right..?
Just like exercise, crafting is helping me so much to not worry about things. I am quite the (over)thinker, so this therapy is very welcome. I'm starting to think of ways to do more scrapbooking, but not in the traditional way with layouts. I like the idea of minibooks, but I also like Project Life... Ah well, we'll see. I just hope I can keep the momentum!

So, of course I already have fun plans for June. Tomorrow I'm heading for Hilversum. I'll be there for 10 days, mostly helping my best friend paint their new house, but I'll also be meeting up with a lot of friends. I'm so excited!
After that I'll be focusing on getting a job, and getting Imre an awesome birthday present. My man will turn 27 the 20th of June, and boy, do I love a birthday. I love that we can throw a party and actually have a BBQ. My birthday is in december, and I just hate it. With such a passion that when I grow up, I'm gonna try to make sure that our kids will not be born during December (I know, spoiled brat talk here...).

A big goal for June is to finish my Start to Run schedule. I have three more weeks to go, so that should be doable. How awesome would it be to actually run 5k in one go?! I could talk about running a lot more, but maybe I should save that for another blog post.
I feel like I should have a goal regarding my job hunt, but I have no idea what would be realistic. It would be great to have at least one interview before the end of June!
One of the goals on my 'things to do before I turn 25 list' is shooting a real fotoshoot. I feel like June would be a good month to do that. Perhaps even next week when I'm in Hilversum. So if you're reading this and are interested in doing a photoshoot, let me know, and we'll work something out!
Then my last goal is all about crafting. I want to start creating my own style, so in June I want to create two things that I have designed myself. No other rules, just two somethings I came up with.

Whew, that's a lot of words at once... June, let's go!

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